IMG_3765FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am not an engineer. Can I join?

A: Absolutely! We would love to have you. We do a lot more than just engineering.

Q: I have a busy schedule. Do I have to travel to participate?

A: No. In fact the travel team usually consists of 8 or less people. Most of our members participate without traveling. They may help in the design process, work on public relations and fundraising, or even mentor a student chapter.

Q. Do I have to be a member to participate? How involved do I have to be?

A: No you don’t have to be a member. A lot of our participants have busy schedules. Sometimes people will be sent away for a work assignment. You can get involved at whatever level you feel comfortable with. You can sit in on meetings, or you can help with little pop up tasks as time permits.

Q: I want to join. How long is my commitment?

A:There is no commitment. However, we hope you are able to stay involved.

Q: How often do you meet?

A: We have at least one meeting a month. Sign up for our newsletters or check out our
Events & Meetings page to find out about our upcoming meetings.