Open Leadership Positions

Below is a description of our open leadership positions. Please contact Desiree at to nominate someone for a position. Elections will be held at the winter meeting.

The President:  Conducts the business of the Chapter with the elected officers and coordinates between the Chapter and EWB-USA.  The President shall ensure that all orders and resolutions of the Chapter are executed.  The President shall be the chairperson of the Executive Committee and the Chapter representative to EWB-USA and the Regional Organization.  The President shall chair all Executive Committee and regular Member meetings.  The President’s term shall be for a period of one year (but may include prior service to complete the remainder of the previous President’s term if the office was assumed because of absence or disability of the previous President).

The Vice-President:  Performs the duties assigned by the President.  The Vice-President prepares and submits the Chapter’s Annual Report to EWB-USA.  The Vice-President shall, in the absence or disability of the President, perform the duties and exercise the powers of the President.

The Secretary:  Records official minutes of all meetings of the Executive Committee and regular Member meetings.  The Secretary shall assist in administrative management of all Executive Committee and General Membership meetings.  All chapter communications shall be managed and reviewed by the chapter Secretary. The secretary is responsible for creating and sending out chapter newsletters as well as meeting reminders with calendar invites. The secretary is responsible for taking attendance at meetings and maintaining new member and mentor databases. The secretary is also responsible for maintaining the chapter list serve.

The Treasurer:  Receives, records, and accounts for income and pays out, records, and accounts for all approved expenses of the Chapter.  The Treasurer shall prepare the financial section of the Annual Report of the Chapter for use of the Vice-President.  The Treasurer shall prepare and present a financial report for all Chapter meetings or as requested by the President.  The Treasurer shall prepare an annual budget for approval by the Membership.  The Treasurer shall be responsible for the accounts of the Chapter and subject to audit as prescribed by the Bylaws.  The Treasurer shall be responsible to authorize and pay expenses on behalf of the Chapter as allowed under the Constitution and Bylaws, and as amended. The treasurer shall also be a member of the Fundraising Committee. The treasure is responsible for collecting membership dues and maintaining a list of official chapter members.

University Chapter Liaison:  Interacts with Student Chapters by attending their meetings where possible, reporting on Chapter activities at those meetings, reports on Student Chapter activities at Chapter meetings, and provides guidance to Student Chapters as needed.  The University Chapter Liaison may also assist Student Chapters with start-up operations and shall assist Student Chapters who have requested mentors for projects by assigning qualified mentors to work with the Student Chapters on those projects.

Project Manager (Domestic and International are separate positions):  This person is the project manager for the respective project, and not necessarily the technical expert. He/she is responsible for submitting all project related information to the TAC, and is the point of contact with EWB-USA for the project. This person takes responsibility for the keeping the project on schedule and communicating with EWB-USA and all project partners.  These positions are assigned or elected positions for each active project and determined annually by participating project members.

Fundraising Chair.  The Fundraising Chair is responsible for helping the chapter meet the financial goals for the year.  This may include recruiting and leading a fundraising committee, and appointing individuals to lead organization efforts for separate fundraising events such as the annual Sandtastic Volleyball Tournament, Trivia Night, year end campaign, First Friday, or other events throughout the year.  Other duties may include seeking corporate donations, grant funding, and speaking engagements.  This chair must work closely with the Treasurer.  

Local Projects Chair.  The local projects chair is responsible for seeking out opportunities within the community to create improvements and build relations within members of said community.  This may be anything from engineering related outdoor projects to stream cleanups or other typical volunteer activities. Volunteer activities should occur at a frequency commensurate with chapter interests.  Occasionally some fundraising may be needed for project funds or materials.  Local Projects may also coordinate with the Fundraising or Communications chair for some opportunities.

Communications Chair.  The Communications Chair is responsible for assisting the President in updating the website, Facebook page, any other social media and also assisting in any outreach or fundraising opportunities where public relations may play a vital role.  Some of this may include seeking out opportunities for our chair to expand our presence in the community via different events, organizations and mediums. This chair will work closely with the secretary, and serve as an understudy to the secretary when necessary. This chair is also responsible for renewing the webiste domain name through the chapter’s godaddy account.

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